Hypnos | a poem

I have become

I have collected

I have severed

I have rejected



by force


on my own terms


I have died and accelerated disintegration

here and there

left my selves behind


on my knees

forehead to the ground


for the sake of rebirth

I have lived as myself

over and turned over



turned out


spread out

cut and sewn together

one birth after another

I carry them all

in pieces



come on over

but I have one name

my name

you only see the person you knew

think you knew

wanted to know


I am not imagined

I never stood still

different directions held on to my body

and voices call me back

think they embody my home

graves in comfort zones

trying to pull me out of the present

return to the past that I burned by heart

reduce me to sheer unbearable functionality

step back into myself

I cannot wear my own dead skin

it lies folded and sacred

amongst its kind

within myself

out of your hands

get it out of your head

a memory is a memory for a reason

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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