on the menu today | all my middle fingers | a poem

we live in a world where people jump off bridges


I can’t imagine a goodbye


(hello, can I get a) fish and chips (please?)


I think about my brother’s corpse


(hello, can I get) ketchup (please?)


I surrender to my brother’s death in my body


(hello, can I get a) fish and chips (please?)


why the fuck am I still smiling

I have tears in my mouth

tears under my mask


(could I get any) vinegar (please?)


ah, yes, it’s my job

that’s what I’m here for

minimum wage to pretend

to be pleasant

sell, sell, sell

to be welcoming

to the cesspool of humanity

stuff my face

stuff my hole

stuff, stuff, stuff


I see a man in my brother’s jacket

I see his dead face

the ashes of the jacket

this man is still alive

my brother jumped off a fucking bridge, you “I’ll treat myself today” assholes


there’s the door


grieve on your own time

you owe me the big fat smile


there’s the door


I’m just here to have a good time


you’re a servant

you’re not human


you don’t get a sentence structure

you don’t get manners

you don’t get basic decency

smile, I paid for my burger

you don’t say no to me, I paid for my burger

I’ve worked hard for my burger

I don’t care

I don’t care

you’re here to serve (me, me, me)

you get paid for it

perform, you cunt

I’ve got a tenner in my wallet

give me my chippy, give me the full package

I’ll lick all my fingers

two-year rule, I’ll legally fuck you over

and over

and over


I see my brother

still alive

on the edge of the bridge


have a good day

you fucking robot

you can’t play their game

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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