splitterfasernackt | ponytail | a poem

I painted myself without hands and feet

because my hands were not my own

and I couldn’t run away


my mother became a better mother

once she stopped being a wife

my father never let his daughters forget that

he needed a wife

this need never left our four walls

but we would



I observed that sex poured out of a tortured existence

and love was an inexistent light

that hadn’t touched the horizon


I was born with invisible laurels

because one body had survived another

one body had endured another’s lovemaking


for men sex was in no need of language

sex was action

and women wouldn’t even mention the word

as if in fear of a conjuring

the monster showing up in the room

upon evocation

rendering them insubstantial


women being chased out of their bodies

men taking up the whole room


emptiness hardened their bodies

his presence implied her absence

and she became a body that let him through


I roamed from war zone to war zone

and as I tried to see the best in you

you took advantage

and stayed who you always had been

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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