present ghost soul love | a grief poem

after death, life is taken apart


life is studied with objects

empty ghost-scented clothes

idle toothbrush and shower gel

half-finished box of mints

a leather bag waiting on a bridge

the lack of flesh and blood

collector’s items

lover’s treasure chests

pick me up again

pick me up


I’ve studied your remains

the scent of death and preservation in my nostrils

never to leave

my memory, my body

I’ve inhaled the rest of you then and there

in a green room with an ever-repetitive melody

love poured out of my fingertips

into you, into the coffin you

I’ve said goodbye to a part of myself

you were never alone in that coffin

when you went up in flames

with everything you loved

becoming one


our mother’s walk

your shattered bones


your empty room

an abyss in the heart of a flat


everything you own

I’ll trade it for your life


I put objects close to my chest

as if they were you


the dead don’t water their plants


a day that started like all the others


took us off the road


your sheets and covers

packed in a plastic bag

to contain your smell

your body’s scent

when it had a pulse

the bag is sealed


and now you will never change

you will never grow older

you’ve skipped our lives in-between

fast-forwarded to the end


cremated our brother when he was most alive

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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