reality is outnumbered by performances | not entertained | a poem against vampires

you only do good things

in order to do bad things

so that nobody would ever suspect you


doing the right thing

means doing something


you claim that you’re with me

in theory

that never did any good


I want to see your virtues in daily face to face action, neighbourly fashion

not at your greasy fingertips thinning across the whole world

you still put yourself at the forefront, marketing yourself


they told me you have to read the news

you have to watch the news

you have to read this and that

I never wanted to join the collective sense of resigned powerlessness

talking instead of doing

complaining instead of evolving

debating instead of transforming

I am not a part of your circus


I grew tired

observing adults

I comprehended

that nobody ever gets their shit together

the pretence is exasperating

dancing to the absence of music


adults were mimes and imitators

everybody telling everybody exactly what they want to hear

comfort is a couch they bought

comfort is a collective state they bought

comfort is a grave they bought

comfort is a tattoo on their asses


familiarising themselves with their own corpse


I’ll have the prettiest one


I stretched myself

as you raised my expectations

I didn’t realise

that I was hovering over a black hole


when I was most comfortable

I got stabbed in the chest

too dazed and bedazzled to move and react

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2021 | Instagram: @melpomenepaintings

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