gravemanlanguage | truthbodydaughter | a poem

you put your arms around me and whispered

everything will remain unsaid


you collected things, memories,

to take them with you

to your grave


who said that I wanted to live there too


you collected

and I stand behind your footsteps



you took your life from mine


and I learned how to love myself

because I mourned my selves

the bodies of mine you stole

my insides that you decorated yourself with

and mocked at the same time


you never taught me your language

because you didn’t want me to speak

language would terrify you

because it doesn’t keep a lid on your secrets


you were convinced that silence

evicts language

and you’d put my body below yours

so that I couldn’t form words


you never realised that your body language

branded itself on my skin

and everyone can see it and read it

and I write it

because I don’t leave things unsaid

that seek asylum in graves

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