open wide | a poem

I emphasised what

they reduced me to


in your eyes

my body wasn’t whole


in your eyes

a broken body

can be trespassed against



and again


maybe you haven’t been the origin

but that doesn’t eradicate your traces


truth is a thing that I found in the dirt

within your body

truth is a thing that cut me

truth is a body that opens up

a body that opens its holes

teeth out




tongue in my face


my father believed his own lies

and I raised myself against them


taking me down his road

and introducing his demons to me


they are yours now, he said


I grew old in the house of insanity and recoil


your homecomings have always been a threat


I made my body do things

that I didn’t want to do


and you told me it wouldn’t leave a scar

Photo by Maria Orlova on

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