Collectibles | To The Senses | Memorybound | A Poem

School taught me that I was in drastic pain.

Faces taught me that I was missing mine.

Bodies conveyed to me that mine was not admirable.

That I cherished false idols, laying my body bare

Underneath their jaws and fingernails.

I watched her destroy her own skin throughout the years

When I loved her the most.

The blood that she watched drying

As if it would suddenly disappear on its own.

I heard her ignore her own name as she taught me

How to love.

She never used the word, she spoke a language foreign to herself.

I barely recovered from her death

And then you vanished as well.

So quickly, I wasn’t able to blink.

I still don’t comprehend what happened to you.

How you rode the wind for a second that still hurts my bones.

How you started to love what you feared the most.

How winds became your comfort zone.

You presented me with images that I convert to a language of love

And ghosts.

And she sits there still, observing her garden.

The whiteness of her hair, the laughter that I still hear.

How young you were, how old and misplaced you felt.

Did I know anything at all?

Will I ever?

Come close to you?


That I lost you to a valley.

What do your ashes mean?

What do your ashes mean?

What do your ashes mean?

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