Sister Song | Opening Up | A Poem

What happened behind your eyes?

In moments that disappeared immediately?

I am thinking too much.

You left me to my own imagination.

And I saw everything and nothing.

All the shades that evaded you, evaded us.

And what matters in the end?

How could you not belong?

And maybe in the sheer depths of pain

Love finds its language and its place.

Your sense of being.

Your bodiless freedom.

And you teach me that we’re inseparable.

That there are senses unknown.

That I can trust the unseen, the untouchable.

That presence happens in many forms.

I look for you here and

See you somewhere else.

I internalise every single word you left behind.

And I try not to despair as I stand behind your choice.

You put your freedom out of our hands

And that’s what freedom is.

I protect your footsteps.

They belonged to you.

That’s it.

That’s you.

Every single little thing that led to the disappearance of footsteps.

And you take me back and into myself, into us.

I talk to you and your voice reappears.

You flicker in the sunlight.

And love and grief are the same thing

And they dance and pirouette and

Make me smile and cry at the same time

Because I feel the invisible,

I love what I cannot touch.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on

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