Daughtermouth | A Poem | Daddyruins

Daddy, Daddy, needs you.

Daddy, asked too much,

Everything, Daddy does.

Wants, always, never enough, wrinkles,

Daddy sounds mad, all the time,

I’m guilty, I haven’t said a word,

Never knew what I did, Daddy screams,

He runs so fast, lives in another world,

Everyone applauds, laurels on his head,

What is going on, bad bad girl, Daddy, gave me

No speech, Daddy didn’t teach me his language,

And they love him so hard, women swallow him,

One after another, the men emulate Daddy,

I look at the women, grab the wrong shoes to

To step in. Daddy, Daddy mistreats them all,

With his mouth, his silver tongue,

I hear the way Daddy talks about women behind

Their backs. Who will I become?

Daddy’s mouth has no trace of love.

He mocks. He salivates. He eats them all.

Daddy does. His desire is violent.

And they run after him.

I want to flee.

As far away as possible.

Daddy escaped too.

He never said why.

A land containing all of his secrets.



Who knows.

I observe Daddy.

I know when to hide.

When to use my key.

When to run.

When to face the monsters within him.

When to overcome my fear and raise my chin.

Daddy doesn’t like rebellion in his house.

Daddy hates his own face.

And mine.

He tries to destroy his in mine.

Mine instead.

From within.

He pretends to love.

He pretends.

What do I know?

He left me in the shadows.

But that’s where Daddy lives too.

And you don’t know it.

You don’t see it.

Daddy needs everything.

More and more.

Daddy is a little boy.

He takes what he needs.

And I look at this grown body

And wish to outgrow mine immediately,

But that’s what the way Daddy talks does,

And I became old very quickly,

Remembering the women Daddy seemed to adore,

And I learned that he emptied them all,

That they meant nothing

And absolutely everything.

“Concert” by Mattia Preti (1613-1699)

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