Poetic Mental Healing | Into All Of Us | A Poem

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Connecting dot to dot

Body after body,

Love feels out of reach,

Hands longing to grasp skin,

Knees upon the shore,

Touching what will always

Remain a memory.

I tried to talk you out of it.

Tried talking myself into it.

Finding those sweet corruptible lines

Between your world and mine,

Now, the way things stand.

I wore your clothes on my way back.

Through clouds I flew

And looked for you everywhere.

I hit the ground and nothing had changed,

Everything was still the same,

Breathing amidst destruction

Yet the sun was shining.

And it couldn’t reach me.

I carried a suitcase full of death.

I smelled of you and you were gone.

Your ring, a carousel around my finger.

And I just kept walking with your choice

In my bones, street after street, a day by day city,

And I was wading through,

You made it so hard, so hard

To stand straight and move.

You couldn’t handle love.

And I would not have hesitated.

Not even for a second.

My love does not wither.

Photo by Nguyu1ec5n Thanh Ngu1ecdc on Pexels.com

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