Poetic Mental Healing | Turning A Blind Eye | A Poem

I give you space within myself,

That’s where I want you to go,

That’s where I need to grow so that I can

Still breathe amidst my grief.

Your death will always remain the same

And change faces a hundred times a day

And I don’t want to hear

That times has passed, that it’s time to move on,

I move on every day, I am on the move,

Do people think that you just disappear,

That I abandon a part of me, that I turn my back on love,

Who are they, how dare they,

We live within each other,

Your death costs me tears and heartache and

Broken moments in side streets and buses,

And they can roll their eyes all they want

And stay in their unaffected bubble,

But I will always have you with me,

Your life, your death, your chemistry that dove further into us,

They have no idea what brutality I carry within myself,

The violence, the destruction, the salvation, the love

That feels foreign to them, in all their detachment

And aggravation, they get on my nerves, they should stay back, then, stay back,

With their trivialisation and simplification of death and

Its million faces and ropes that rotate in my body.

Photo by Eman Genatilan on Pexels.com


  1. 🙂 Reading your posts, it feels like you turned a corner several months ago. I, personally, feel healing in your poetry. It’s wonderfully interesting to me that it feels like the concept of Brainspotting is like DNA in your work. I can feel you writing out the bones as Annie DIllard might say. And, I feel the heart and soul and power of sovereignty coming into a clarity of voice. You’re voice was clear when I discovered your work in the Summer. Now, though, I feel you expanding into a larger Self with the sacred power that comes from You Being You in ways full-on connected to Nature and your nature. Such wonderful work here. Have you assembled a collection of your poetry for sale? Like an ePDF that can be downloaded and enjoyed for years to one?

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    1. Hi Jordan 🙂 Soooo good to hear from you. Seriously, how do you do this? You manage to write me in the exact moment when I need it the most. Thank you for your presence, it does so much good, you have no idea. I am so grateful for every single word you write. This paragraph of yours was a present today, it gave me a lot of strength and I appreciate it immensely. You rock, Jordan. That’s actually a good idea, I will definitely look into it. I mean, I already published my novel, so why not my poetry? Food for thought and action, I reckon. All the best to you, my friend.

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      1. Hi Croque 🙂 I simply write when I feel to, trust when things come to mind with a certain je ne c’es quoi feeling that is actually specific, the cascade of ablution tingles that say “speak” and as well “close out the sentence here.”

        I’ve been enjoying watching you intensely run over the last couple of months. There’s a power in your voice that is even more natural, and Nature, when itself, is 100% intense, especially when strong enough to be gentle and subtle. And, like water, sometimes it crashes down tsunami style. 🙂

        You are wonderfully welcome. I appreciate that my words resonate with you, and as well come when you need them the most. Let me know if you put together a poetry collection, and I will certainly update your blurb to promote it on my weekly Serendipity Itineraries post. Your reply is a gift to me. So, here’s to the reciprocal gift exchange in this epic spiral of giving and receiving of life. All the best to you as well, my friend. All the best.

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