The Rippling Energies Of You: A Poem

It has been more than two weeks,

It has been a year, two years,

Seven years, it doesn’t matter, it will

Always exist, it will always be relevant,

You, your life, how you persist, it doesn’t

Matter how much time has passed and

People may look the other way, you and I

Matter together, the energy between us,

This bond remains, life and death remain.


I will never stop nurturing my love for you.

Why should I? What’s the difference? What

I love is still there. I believe it. I cannot see it,

I feel it. It may be harder for some people, but

I fine-tune my senses to elevate my love towards

You now. I love you infinitely. I find you everywhere.

And yes, I fall, I despair, I give in to tears and sadness.

But you’re safe. And I’m here. In the strangest way

I fear death less and less. Maybe I can stand in the

Darkest corner of my room tonight and not crumble.

Just stand there and be comfortable. Did darkness ever

Threaten me at all? Or did I, myself, paint the devil on the wall?

blue and green color abstract painting
Photo by Mudassir Ali on

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