The Heat Of Truth: A Poem

I missed the moment in your life,

The moment, invisible, unpredictable,

Unimaginable, in which you made your

Peace with death, with your death, you,

The funny radiant man with a smile on his

Face, a joke on the lips, you said yes to death

And I didn’t know, I didn’t see, I didn’t foresee,

How could you not let us in, how could you just



You never wanted to be touched, you never talked

About emotional matters, sometimes, maybe, with a selected

Group of people, and yet, nobody saw this coming, nobody

Thought that you’d be willing to end your life at any given point,

You were so free, the thought of your own death set you free, put a smile

On your face, a sense of humour to bear it all, the immense

Hardships in this world, you felt them all, without and within yourself,

And the idea that you were free to go whenever it all became too much,

Liberated you, elated you, lightened you, that you could choose,

That you had chosen, and I couldn’t see it, couldn’t detect it,

I never thought that inviting death into your life was what kept you alive.

close up shot of gem stone
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