The Movement Of Water: A Poem

I have felt my legs in the water,

I have felt your life and mine in the water,

What lies ahead, what lies behind,

Everything that lies within,

A bottle with messages, a bottle with wishes,

I let go, invisibly, heart to heart, through the waves,

We wave to each other and it feels like the hurt has passed

For a heartbeat, time standing still between us.


I look at your face every day.

I hear your voice every day.

I decide to live, I decide to let you come and go,

Whatever makes us feel wholesome and good,

We remain inseparable, you are a part of me that I

Love and heal, you are in my skin, in my hands,

You will stay with me as I grow older and you have

The wisdom of timelessness, we’re free, we’re here for one another.

wellness massage
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