Most Resonant Books: “Revolutionary Road” by Richard Yates

“You’re painfully alive in a drugged and dying culture.”
-Richard Yates

When I bought Richard Yates’ “Revolutionary Road” on DVD, all I could think of was “American Beauty” meets “Titanic” in so many ways. Mendes, DiCaprio & Winslet certainly were a powerhouse, Bates and Shannon, salt and pepper.
At that point, I was not in the right place in my life to emotionally comprehend the knocks-it-completely-out-of-the-park-character of the novel. It didn’t sit right.
I really believe that works of art come into your life at the right time and create fireworks within you if you are in tune with yourself.
Sometimes you’re not there yet even though something already sticks. Life happens. If it’s meant to be they will try again.
“Revolutionary Road” hit the absolute right note when I devoured the novel during the most boring summer job during my university years and felt what it was about and understood why it resonated so much with me.
The way Yates describes body language, tension, conflicts, physicality, thoughts, couple dynamics, what is said and not said, inner psychology, hopes and dreams revealed or renounced, is one of a kind and an inspiration to me. Truly powerful, straight into my heart.


 “Lesende junge Dame” by Alfred Stevens (1823-1906)

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