Acts Of Reconnection: A Poem

I used to think outside the box,

Used to draw outside the lines

And you’d let them hurt me,

You’d hurt me yourself, mocking

My hands, what they did and what

They could do, I thought they were

So powerful, my hands, but I let your

Power grow, your power over me, sink

In, into me, my body, installed borders

Around my mind, you desecrated the boundaries

Around my body, yours to shame, yours to shun.


How much you tried to suffocate within me.

Misleading me into your culs-de-sac,

Everything you did was directed by money,

Nothing came from the heart, people bought

The empty lie, that was never me, you tried to

Conform me, you, without ideals and values,

I lived with you, listened to you, tried to block you

Out, but you left traces within me that I’m still

Trying to cure, that I respond to, that I seek

The antidote to, you wanted to destroy and I wanted

To create.


I tried to sing love songs to myself, I tried to

Mean them, I tried to feel every word, but you

Succeeded in making me belong to you, disconnecting

Me from my body, feeling as if it’s yours to numb and reign

Over, you tried to massacre under your regime, what you

Think is the right way to live, cease the blossoming of hearts

And souls, money on your mind, money humanised,

Your daughter dehumanised, dehumanising institutions,

I was not born to serve money, I was not born to serve you.

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