Vergissmeinnicht / Forget-me-not: A Poem

Maybe I singled you out without

Knowing why, something within me,

Perhaps, that reached out, to something


Within you, to you, and you didn’t ask why,

And we ended up in continuous circles

Harming one another, seemingly without


Intention, as if we had been talking to ourselves

All along and I look at you and start to stare into

My own eyes and you frighten me because I


Don’t recognise myself, in you, a reflection, shaking,

Swooshing by, leaving its traces, the scent of you and me,

What we needed, what we disliked, in our touch, a


Collaboration against ourselves, diving straight

Into a coveted disaster, from within, guidelines of

Our fathers and mothers, screwed over, contemplating,


Convoluted, enveloping, the language of loathing that

We took for granted, natural, naturally, in our fingertips,

Our bitter tongues, the taste, declining, embalming our souls,


Mine within yours, yours within mine, a shrine, memories,

Across the particles of my skin, that I shed a long time ago,

Somewhere in the winds, the crown of a tree, back to earth,

To disintegrate, not to follow you again, seek you out, a part of me.

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