Verstümmelung / Mutilation: A Poem

It gets you going, associating sex with destruction.

You click on the titles, destroying her, destroying her body,

You feel so powerful watching those videos with that language

Of sex, the language of abuse, the language of debasement,

The language of objectification, of shredding, tearing her sex apart,

Destroying her, they are coding you, baiting you, feeding you


The images of her destruction, that your sex can destroy,

That it gives her pleasure, that she enjoys her destruction

By several sexes, and that she loves to have you watch her

Getting torn apart, getting stuffed, pounded, killed, language

Goes a long way, and you watch and you learn, you absorb, you

Remember the faces she makes, the pain you see as pleasure,


The consent you imagine without a doubt, the images projected

Straight into you, straight into your brain, you lose rationality,

Empathy, your cock is focused, she wants to be destroyed by you,

You can do it, no doesn’t mean no, no leaving space for an imagined

Yes, it’s a game, destruction, her body, useless, worthless, in your hands,

She craves to be destroyed, that’s her language, that’s her intent, that’s


Her desire, you think? They infiltrate you, and you get addicted to the idea.

Fuck her to death, the hole, all of them filled, that’s the language, right there,

It gets you going, cut off from the body that is hers, it’s a fantasy turned

Into reality  by you, that’s how you think of her now, that’s how you do things

Now. You feel so entitled and omnipotent, destruction by your sex

That shreds, that tears her into pieces, tears on her face, pain in her face,


She loves it, they all act, they all like this, giving her the treatment

Of your destruction, splitting her, halving her sex, you trusted what you

Saw, you absorbed the language, the message, bought the act, enabled it as factual.

grayscale photography of woman inside dark room
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on

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