Verzerrung / Distortion: A Poem

You reunited with all your devils

And made a beggar out of me,

Begging for love, begging for attention,

Begging for mercy, begging for life to

Stop hurting, at your hands, pain through

Your body, streaming into mine,

Acceleration, yours, the storms, endlessly

Regurgitated in your veins, the orifices of

Sanctimony, I begged, my knees turning blue,

My heart turning to ice, same as yours,

I couldn’t cry no more, I had enough, slowly,

I had enough, of you, there is no cure against you.


I escaped to many places and you would

Run me down, find me, call me back into

Your erected hellholes, my body claimed,

Yours, to touch, yours to curse, yours to

Disintegrate, sent back into manufacture,

Spinning your lies around it, engulfed, taming,

Me, weaving your stories around my voice, the

Theatrics, the suppression of the vocal cords,

Oh father, I watched you lie, I watched you die,

You watched me burn on the pyre you built

After my birth, there must be hellfire before love,

Poison before cure, is that what this is, is that your

Propaganda, I release the rage, you kept it hostage, you

Fed it, it fuelled you, for no good, ever, the landscapes

Infected, turned into wastelands, mould ever-growing,

Spreading, nothing disinfected, I feel you still, when

My love turns to hate, in a heartbeat, so fragile is the thing

You built, but no more, no more, father, my love finds its

Way back, always, not sidetracked by you and your echoes,

My love multiplies its roots, holds on, lets go, breathes and flows,

Resilient, thick-skinned, vulnerable, impenetrable when it comes

To the worst sides of you.

I built a fortress as a consequence to you.

unrecognizable woman covered with plastic bag
Photo by Michelangelo Buonarroti on

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