Nothing To Say: A Poem

There is always more to come,

You could never be exhausted.

You were driven by forces that

Were incomprehensible, unfathomable,

Intangible to me, my hands, a child’s

Hands, in yours, in your hands, I, fully.


Swearing allegiance to a cause misinterpreted.

To a phenomenon up to no good. I trusted hope.

I had no idea what you had in you. That I was meant

To become a part of it. Means to an end. Men’s ends,

Endings, met, suffocating, pillow-walk, pillow-talk, silenced,

Stuffed, crowned, pillows, faces of women, metamorphosis,

Ghosts, women turned into ghosts right in front of my eyes,

Collaborators, in absentia, hardened to the core, disillusioned,

Masters of the universe, down with you all.


Don’t be loud, you scream, don’t refuse, you insist.

I granted your hands such powers. Driving through

The night, you phantasmagorical actor, infiltrator,

Director, from one to the other, the rotten honey-vomit

Drooling out of your mouth, the labia, shoved aside, atonement,

Trying to hope, baser instincts, trying to trust, corruption of

The body, corruption by the body, fog, fuck, nature comes, cum,

Stabbed to death, reborn, he got you there, he raised me, not.


You’d never listen to me because you thought I had nothing to say.

close of a naked blonde woman with tattoos on her shoulder and side
Photo by Ikon Republik on


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