A Love Song That You Didn’t Want To Hear: A Poem

I drank all of your crocodile tears,

The ever-intoxicating essence of

Your self-pity that scarred my sense

Of empathy. I absorbed you without

Questioning, I painted all the red flags

White and loved you with a lack of resources.


I ran behind you, stumbled, you would

Never look back, not at me, anyhow,

How I gasped for air and patience, I couldn’t

Keep up and forced myself to become grown,

A child in a child’s body imitating adults,

Pretending to know it all, but I fell into that trap

Because I realised you didn’t know at all what had

Been best for me.


I did and I gave that knowledge away.

Just like that. Unconditional trust, trying to keep up,

Trying to stay close to you, as your hands loosened

Their grasp around mine and I saw it coming,

The negligence, the abandonment, from your skin

Sinking into mine, splintered, frozen and escalated,

I tripped and you escaped.

photo of music notes leaning on wooden piano
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

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