Surrendering To Everything Repressed & Unverbalised: A Poem

You sat on top of me, holding my arms,
You did it once, and twice, not on your own,
And I wondered who sat on you, against your
Will, against your pain, but I realised this is all

You grabbed that power out of thin air,
You made it your own, you needed me
Beneath you, plucked me, jumped on me,
Screaming at my face and all I could think
Of was how I could get away from you.

You thought you had to punish me for
Escaping you and your unfathomable rage,
And you invited him in to do the same thing,
To pin me to the floor, both of you, reclaiming
That lost power, you needed to feel strong and
Bold and I looked at both of your faces, alienated,
Surreal and I refused the helplessness of my body,
Every muscle in my body struggled and collided
With your use of cowardly force from above,
But I set myself free and ran away.
I never forgot the look in your eyes,

It wasn't sex that made your
Eyeballs pop, not for me, you had the wrong idea
Of what you had in mind, you'd have to rename
What tempted you.
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  1. Powerful and poignant and pulsing with YOUR life, Go You! Excellent Yesses in the ways the poem tracked through to emancipation from unhealthy things, your health held sacred in the resistance to get to what YOU value. Thank you.

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      1. You’re most welcome, Croque-Melpomene. Your words deserved no less than sacred return in response. And, rather than no less, full-on deserved a full and robust response like Nature itself bestowing an accolade. My words are certainly not Nature itself, though that intent was what pulsed their heartbeat.

        You’re welcome. I am glad to have found your blog. You express things with a touching honesty, without pulling punches. That natural intensity of being in the moment, though wise in time with refined responses, sometimes none? That caught me. That, I embrace and resonate with. I look forward to further experiencing your work.

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      2. Rarely a reaction to my poetry has made me feel so seen, Jordan. I thank you from the heart for sharing this with me. It truly helps me to hear someone else’s emotional perspective on what I write. In a constructive way that I can actually engage with (in your case an incredibly moving and encouraging way). It gets me out of my own head a bit. It gives me a tremendous joy that there are readers out there like you.

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      3. You’re most welcome. And, ditto. It’s moving and encouraging that when I go on Serendipity eField trips, I find work such as yours. Treasure and Inner Treasure of Inner Inheritances shining hard fought though never won… instead, lived. Lived and living in your work.

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