A Seat In Her Blue Corner: A Poem

The child within me believes that you’re

Still here, present, in the resurfacing

Memories, the despair of love, the object

Lost and gone, and yet so graspable, full

Of air and motion, how could you turn

Invisible? I evoke all of your colours in

My mind, and you come back, it feels like you.


The image across the sunlight. The perfume,

Nostalgia, you looked back at your own dead,

Longing, abandoned by arms long gone and

Dissolved, the touch that you still desired, that

You recreated across the layers of your skin.


You sat in the gardens, blue woman, blue,

You tried to fall in love with life, you never made

It off the rocky road, into realms of hope, you

Wandered around countries, you tried to heal,

But at some point you let go, you offered enough time,

And you wanted to be taken away, be left alone,

In silence, surrounded and calm, your mouth open,

Blue woman, woman blue.

body of water
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Pexels.com

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