A Daughter Entangled In The Lies You Told Her: A Poem

You lied to her to get her back

To you, that’s how she grew up,

You made her believe in fairy tales,

But brought her back home, to you,

Time not spent with you, you were the

Angler, and she would waste away in her

Room, in the silence of your house, you

Needed sleep and she needed to grow up faster

Than she should have.


Because you lived a life that you didn’t love.

Suffering every day from choices that were

Imposed on you and then made by yourself.


And you condemned everything outside of

You for what was wrong within yourself.


Everybody had to follow your rhythm,

The agony trickling down into all of their

Heads. She shut herself away from you

And how you sucked the life out of hers.


You pretended to be someone she loved

In order to get her to open the door for you,

Just to grab her, with a soundless fury,

Everybody knowing what would follow within

Your own walls. We observed you dragging her

Body away, across the street, her voice shattering

The child’s play.


She didn’t want to be a part of your world.

You never talked to her. Your weak nerves

Electrifying the house you dragged her back

Into. Your eyes always shut, your mouth open

Like that of a shark. Lights out, lights out.

She had no idea who you were and yet she somehow belonged

To you.

woman holding crown painting
Photo by Dark Indigo on Pexels.com



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