“Powerful and thought-provoking”: A Review

Delving deeply into dysfunctional family bonds, ‘Within Paravent Walls’ reminds us of the ever-lasting battle between the individual and the familial. The way the author digs deeply into the female characters’ psyches makes this book a pleasurable and gripping read. With the real horror being the experiences the characters face in their lifetimes, I particularly enjoyed how the author subtly weaves in the supernatural as an extension and analysis of the world she created, avoiding horror book clichés and making this a powerful and thought-provoking book. -V.B. on Goodreads


“Marcelian Piaffus adored the heirloom’s macabre biography, she could tell. Strangely enough, he had a disregard for its severity despite his beliefs, especially in the hands of a child, and even though Estefania had always been aware that darkness could latch itself onto objects, having grown up among unspeakable atrocities, she decided her daughter had too much grit to decline into madness.”
― Laura Gentile, 
Within Paravent Walls


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