Head To Toe: A Poem

You were the worst thing that ever happened to her.

And you thought that made you superior to her.

When, in fact, she brought herself back to life.

You didn’t see that coming.


How she would ever be able to walk again

With the wounds you inflicted on her.


Her strength made you feel weak and obsolete.

Your sperm that leaked out of her.

You left it there on purpose to brand her,

Burn her, stigmatise her, trying to never make her forget,

To leave your trace within her forever.


But as she walked, with every step, she lost you

Bit by bit, the trauma you forced onto her body

Cracking and disintegrating slowly, losing weight,

Losing its power to paralyse her.


You poisoned other people against her,

You managed to make them say that she deserved it,

That she should have died

That you did the right thing

That she was worthless, that it didn’t matter

What you did.


You just love to victimise.

You want the bodies that you ransack to

Rot in the vicious circle of victimhood.


You like to watch

The consequences of your acts

Your power over them

The threat lurking,

Hanging around, lingering,

You love to keep the discomfort going.


And you spread lies, depicting yourself

As the one suffering and being hurt

And you earn compassion

You make them cheer you on

The criminal penetrator

Tearing the female body apart.


You can’t believe that she has the guts to stand up.

After you tried your best to destroy her.

Catapulting you back into the nutshell where you belong.


She was a young girl.

You were a married adult.

You saw a ponytail and thought pull.

You saw a dress and thought done deal.

You saw her underage body and thought ready to rape.


You did it and I know how.


You broke her and you were convinced that she’d

Never be able to pick herself back up again.

It was an offence to you that she did it.

How dare you?


You took what you wanted from her

And I hope it pecks at you every single day of your life.


I want you to look back at the girl on the

Black and white pictures and know that she is

A woman now despite your efforts to bring her down.

You never had what it takes.


Remember you did this to a girl.

Remember you did this to a girl.








woman in red dress
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Pexels.com




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