He Hides Whilst She Seeks: A Poem

You kissed his feet and idealised their scent.

You loved the man centre stage and it did not

Matter what he did once he left the altar

And dove back into himself, and yet,

He did not shed the public skin

In front of a selected few,

Selected by him.


You pulled his flesh, licked his skin,

Enamoured with the voice that he would lose,

With the passion that you lack in your lives,

The lies that he knows how to keep alive.

The thread that runs through all of your lives

And his, but you think that he sells you the truth.


You believe it fully.

You feel like you have to.

The dangerous absolute.

His skin, sagging and close to lifelessness,

A magnet to your lips,

You want a piece of him,

You always fell so deeply in love with

What you don’t know at all.


That’s your comfort zone.

Lying in bed with a stranger

Who whispers in your ear

That you’re the only one who knows him


And he abandons your body and you feel

Satisfied, honoured that he was part of your flesh.

His mouth is a chameleon of taste,

Transgressive and untraceable.


You hold on to him because you think

That your world would collapse without

His presence in it.


You just want to see him shine,

You don’t want to know,

All the twisted little things that amounted

To a great disaster,

The things that he did to those

You chose to be blind towards.


Those whose voices he stole to erect his own

And it all fell apart and you hold his hand still,

Preaching love, love, love, humanness, pointing your

Fingers at those whose lives he tried to destroy.

woman in white lace top
Photo by JJ Jordan on Pexels.com





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