Releasing Violence: A Poem

He threw you out of the window

Or maybe you jumped to save yourself

And you ran away as fast as you could,

From one toxic nest to another,

One form of hopelessness to another,

One overt, the other dormant.


The male body, a terror to you,

Trapped in it yourself, trying to reconcile

What you hoped for and what you felt,

How he made you feel, in his toxic absence,

In his negligent presence, the way he abandoned

You on the floor, infecting your bones with nightmares

Cradling you without touching you, thinking of you,

Wishful thinking underneath your skin

Helped you to fall asleep, a lullaby to yourself

And never picked up, unseen, in the way, the fetal position,

Waiting, in vain, longing for male hands, mercy,

He took out the trash instead.

person crouching while hands on his head
Photo by Leandro Lopes on

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