Leaving Medusa: A Poem

I remember the entitlement in your severe face.

The way you stared at me, speechless intimidation.

Sucking on your dry cigarette, proud and detached.


I cut you off because of my mistakes, because I suffered

From your heartlessness. I thought that I knew best how

To punish myself for what I did. I annihilated our friendship.


We had never been a good fit. I resented you for being a tyrant.

And you abhorred my sensitivity, vulnerability, I couldn’t live with

That. You never learned, never softened, none of us let the other in.


I left you alone, dealing with my conscience on my own.

You’d never know how I felt about you. You always needed

To win, that was your thing. Not mine. I didn’t feel in those terms.


I won’t justify my actions. You always thought that you were perfect

And I cannot blame you. I never found the right words to tell you

What a cold-hearted asshole you were. I never had the courage.


We were brought up very differently. Everything humane about me

You considered a weakness, a flaw, never to be exposed, to be eradicated.

I wouldn’t let you trample all over me, the endless walk of shame, the

Silence you used as punishment, that suffocating gaze of yours forcing

Everyone into submission. I had enough of it.

Maybe, deep down, I screwed up to have an overt reason to leave.

I don’t know. We all do foolish things when we’re young but

You could never admit a fault of your own.

You never understood what you felt like to other people.

Nobody would ever dare to tell you.

And you never asked yourself why.

woman covering black mesh mask
Photo by John Vasilopoulos on Pexels.com

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