Worry should be the last thing on a child’s mind

You perverted a place that should have stood for

Growth, creativity and endless imaginative capacities.

You crushed and uniformed instead. You thought you

Were driving devils out, no, you used a flower’s thorns against itself.


You just did what you had to do, your job and nothing else.

You used it for destruction rather than inspiration.

How could they ever let a person like you in front of

Impressionable young minds? Your mouth distributed poison.


If what I’m supposed and expected to do is follow your example

Then let me be drenched in wax, I’d be better off.

I don’t need your dusty worldviews, platonic platitudes, and rusty canons.

If your prime motivation is the accumulation of money

Then you’ve lost my interest. There’s nothing to learn from you

Except what I’ve already seen a million times before.

An emptied disaster with nowhere to go camouflaged as a flagship citizen.


You get up every morning to mould people after your fashion.

Are you really that desperate or do you just not ask any questions ever?

Do something that pays the bills, pays the bills, pays for the funeral.

You are a walking textbook statue without progress or personality.


Be nice, be calm, it’s not your turn, don’t say that,

You don’t know what that means, do that at home,

We don’t have time for that, what makes you think that,

You’re wrong, that’s not right, you can’t do that, no, not like that.


Please, could you do the world a favour and take your own advice

And realise what you are doing?

adorable beautiful child children
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com


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