You built the world around you like a catacomb.

Broken dreams and lost hopes washing up on your doorstep.

I sit on the stairs in front of your open house and

Wait for you, loving you, looking for your face in the

Open window, the sound of past days, the memory of

Your expression enhanced by the green shadow of a tree,

Dancing on your skin.


Slowly you cut the ties with the world, everything done

A bit too often every single time, known by heart, the air

Burst out. I stare at all the bathroom objects that you left behind.

The scent of your soap on your skin, the red-framed

-I never knew the colour before-

Glasses around your eyes, full of water, loneliness, resignation

And love. You gave all you could give, I never comprehended

Everything that went on in your mind, I wish I could have

Opened you up, alleviate your burden, but you were

A master-burier.


It broke my heart, the black ribbon across your face,

The weather changing, the grey mistiness that we walked through,

And I thought about the life that I live, how time became sparse

Between us, how we seemed to move in different directions,

And I have always missed you, I felt like I couldn’t let you go.

Sometimes I think it’s not true, a woman like you, never dies.

A woman like you lives on forever. Stays with me. You’re in my dreams,

My mind evokes you and at the same time it tells me that all we have

Is the past. But I wake up every day and sense you next to me.


Now, that your room is inhabited by someone else.

Now, that somebody else lives in your house.

Now, that you are the air that I breathe

And you look at me, as I fall asleep, the sun shining on

Your gemstones, I think of you, bittersweet, and I’m at home.

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