The Nature of the Beast

Why would they want to see you happy

When they are the ones who have engineered your distress

And poverty and hopelessness and mental illnesses?

Why would they want to see you empowered

When they enrich themselves with your powerlessness?

Why would they want you to be healthy

When they can profit from your sicknesses?

Why would they want to equip you with ideals and dreams and creativity

When they can crush you, sabotage, program and lobotomise you in school?

Why should they pay you more than the minimum wage

If you can barely make it?

Why give you a house, food and clean water for free

When they can exploit you so easily?

Why have they succeeded to put a price on human rights?

How did they manage it that you show the world your ugliest traits every day?

How did they make it happen that we became addicted to self-destruction?

They led the way and we jumped off the cliff.

How can you teach your child everything wondrous the world has to offer

While another child is deprived of every possibility to even imagine that place?

How can you first think about how something is impossible instead

Of figuring out how it could be realised?

Why are we still eating the scraps of the few supposedly above us?

Storm the tiers. I want out. Emergency exit. Done and dusted.

We live in classifications and extremes. Not enough and way too much.

You feed us material over material, object over object,

And we drown in our emptiness, meaninglessness, uselessness,

Dysfunctional anonymity.

We give you our deepest secrets and privacy for free because

You squeeze our mindsets in your blood-red hands.

You are laughing while we violently point our fingers

At those beneath us and beneath us and beneath us

Instead of pulling the plug on you and how you infected the entire world.

I’m told it’s the nature of the beast.

When did you start being so compliant, obedient, desensitised and heartbroken?

Rage, rage, rage and they call me paranoid and nerve-wracking.

You already cracked. It worked. Day in, day out.

Have you forgotten everything that is inside of you?

Everything that you can do?

Everything that came out of your mouth as a child?

Is it really too late to shed light on their criminal game?

Everything is on fire and the man-made rotten money quadruples itself

Uselessly in hoarding bank accounts.

Fuck your debates and promises and shameless repetitive schemes.

Money ranks above the human being.

You orchestrated the collapse of the world

And quickly grab the one and only lifeboat.

Money has replaced morals.

Everything is judged and classified, our minds infiltrated, indoctrinated.

When education becomes a reckless money-making business

It has lost its integrity.

They want you on a leash, a child with to-be-crushed dreams,

Bury you in debts so you’ll never stand on your own two feet.

The system is a tick that keeps sucking and biting and draining you mercilessly.

You’ll always want more and they’ll always get more.

They moulded you into a reduced version of yourself that they can abuse

Until nothing is left of you.

You’ll live and die in the same cage.

Can you even answer a question that should be the simplest of all:

Who are you?


Why do you get up in the morning?


“Die büßende heilige Maria Magdalena” by Carl Fröschl (1848–1934)



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