The Divine Writing of Laura Gentile. #HonestReview

As I’m approaching the age of 30, it is fair to say that I’ve come across a lot of people in my life. I have been writing since I learned how and I love creating my own worlds.
The amount of people telling me that my writing is too heavy, too complicated, too tragic, too sexual, too uncomfortable, that I should get one of those infamous “real jobs” or that I should censor my work to please the crowds or that nobody will make an effort to understand my language or people who would show up in front of my mother’s door to utter their concerns about my writing, is high.
But amongst all of these naysayers, there has always been the occasional diamond that made me go on and encouraged me, a person with a passion for languages, for words, for meaning, literature, old and new, values and storytelling. Those are the people that I listen to and let into my system.
Elisabeth is one of my diamonds and even though we have never met and don’t know each other, literature connected us and I hold on to the love that radiates from every word that she wrote.
I firmly believe that a book has a life of its own and when it goes out into the world it will find its audience: readers that appreciate what it takes to bring forth a novel and what it has to offer every single person that looks way beyond its cover.
Thank you so much, Elisabeth.

Write On Ejaleigh!

Within Paravent Walls

This is part of my #HonestReview series. I can be honest as I bought this book with my own money!

As a writer, I think that it is always important to champion other writers. I write mainly non-fiction and thus I am always in awe of people who have the gift of being able to write prose. This week has been immensely busy with book research and I have barely had time to sit down, let alone read. However, I came across the writing of Laura Gentile in her book, Within Paravent Walls and I found myself unable to put the book down.  Image result for within paravent wallsThe quality of prose is outstanding, and I instantly thought that I was back at University studying French literature, since her writing was reminiscent of Flaubert and Zola, albeit in English. It is said that Flaubert, who wrote Madame Bovary, would spend hours…

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