Within Paravent Walls | The Duplication of Vicious Circles

Whatever happens in a room stays there in one form or another. Estefania is tired of being ignored and erased by Severin’s mother, Manuka. And yet she does not refuse to live with Severin in the same house his parents inhabited.

Estefania becomes the driving force of replacing death with life, endings with beginnings, but all she does is paint over a rotten family history that will affect hers as well. She places herself in a room with an abyss that will become her own.

The more she tries to cut herself off from the antagonists in her life and past, the more their stories and hers intertwine and infect each other. The more she deracinates what created her, the more destruction grows around her, through her.

Instead of profiting from the dead, she is cornered by them, entombed in her own home.

“Within Paravent Walls” on Goodreads



“Portretul de fată” by Friedrich Miess (1854–1935)  

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