Within Paravent Walls | Falling in Love with Estefania Viennese

When Severin meets Estefania, she has no idea who she really is and what is hidden inside of her. Severin embodies the reconnection between herself and her past, her memory, her trauma, her mental illness and her girlhood within her family constellation. And as she unravels and self-truths resurface, she falls in love with Severin, not herself, and he becomes enamoured with the version of herself that she rejects and silences.

The artist makes her see and acknowledge all of these crucial elements of herself and yet she turns her back on her own life. Their love derails and moves on different levels and for too long neither of them notices it. Severin loves the survivor, the creator and the life-embracing girl contained in Estefania. She chases after his courage, his mastery of discomfort and his talent to carve out the best in her. She takes what he gives her and reveals to her and contorts its intentions, misguides and buries it.

The premise of Estefania’s and Severin’s love splits into two opposite directions. They push, drag and pull each other up and down and across their inner lives, then stagnant and still, they await triplets and quality turns into vice.

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“Within Paravent Walls” on Goodreads


“Berthe Jacques” by Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918)

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