The pit within a woman

I smothered you with all the pillows I could find,

And buried you somewhere in my memory.

I believed in your death within me.

I witnessed the evisceration of feelings,

The deracination of heartache,

The decomposition of desire and illusion.


I sensed it in my tired hands,

The cheeks once scarlet turned pale,

The overthinking mind,

Unforgettable, the marks you left

On my abandoned skin.

The last breath you took through my lungs.


Something in me never stopped evoking you,

Running after you, claiming and earning my

Own downfall. I dance on my own scaffold.

You enchanted and ensnared all my blind spots

Leaving me with my skeleton that says no.

The cracking sounds of my heart holding everything together.


“Die fünf Sinne: Tasten, Sehen, Hören, Riechen, Schmecken” by Hans Makart (1840-1884)

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