Homme Fatal

You taught me that happiness depends on wealth.

And I saw you in a house of riches, so poor, and distraught,

There was no happiness there. I was caught in-between.

Somewhere I heard that love is what keeps us going, saves us,

And I gazed at you again and found the absence of it, the neglect.

I ran in never-ending circles, tasting the salt of my tears embedding

My face that feels alien, you catch me from within myself.


You take me back, shove and push me around,

I can’t find life within me, love within me, worth within me.

You created me and you became a thief.

What would have been golden in my heart

Rotted away in your hands. You promised me a nest and

Handed me a spider’s web.

Abandoned me there, hollow-hearted.


“Christabel Cockerell, Lady Frampton” by Arthur Hacker (1858-1919)

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