The Sentimental Kaleidoscope

And you let me go before I could hold on.

I sought refuge from you on your lap.

Girls are addicted to roundabouts and dead ends.

We slam our heads against the bars that hold us

And hope to make the universe collapse.

That’s where our strength lies, in our minds. And you

Rock my body back and forth and I’m a woman before I know it.


You whistle and howl and give me a million different names.

And who said that I had to listen to you?

Who offered you all that silly power?

Was it me and my momentary desire, my heart that knew better?

I share my body with you and your organs have nothing to say.

You’re a boat committed to a crumbling sea and who knows?

Maybe I’ll let you live, or struggle, play with you.


If I wouldn’t have intervened, I would’ve forgotten my own name.

Reaction is my language.

I knew hers was rotten before she even opened her mouth.

I kissed her anyhow.

To silence her and her useless thoughts.

I wouldn’t allow penetration.

A soul in return for a floating wreck.


” The Anonymous Medium Lily Disgeistes” by Albert von Keller (1844-1920)

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