The Transferable Branches of Power

It is easier to make yourself smaller.

To relinquish your identity, your responsibility.

To take all the punches and smile and be nice.

Disagreeing on the inside yet never speak a word.

Extract yourself from conflict, smoothen whatever has edges.

Lie down and let others have their way. And it will never be yours.

And you will disappear within the frames of self-victimisation.


There will always be people who want to harm others.

Of course you’re free and you can shout out your ideals, but

To be alert and vigilant should also be on your agenda.

You cannot walk around the streets and trust everybody you see,

That they have the same ethics and only the best intentions in mind.

You live in a world with both sides and plenty of nuances.

If you think that the way you are makes you untouchable,

You will always be wrong.


“Two elegant ladies” by Leo Gestel (1881-1941)


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