To Drown Beneath a Bridge

They claim that a moment

Took you away from me.

I had seen it in your eyes long

Before everything became black

And white. Your face was one of

Concluded facts. And I became fragmented.

Pieces of me followed you and I couldn’t make a sound.

I thought that if I froze

My own actions you would do

The same. You would still be

Holding my hand.

It was never meant to be that way.

I never became what you needed me to be.

I never got to know myself.

We both got lost in all the shades.

You’re a frame without a painting.

And I’m staring into a void

Of my own creation and

Never stop waiting,

Despite the loss of hope.


“Portrait of a woman in a black lace dress and fur” by William Joseph McCloskey (1859-1941)


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