The Shadows Floating Over Her Head

She left this world quietly, slowly, it had rested on her shoulders

Far too long and she sat in every corner of the house alone with

All of her unbearable demons. She had nothing to say to anyone.

She had erased her own memory, her scent in the stripped bed.

As if she stepped into a river without needing any more air, without

Vocalising her grief over herself. She sought solace in a realm that everybody fears.


Her face had been a letter without words.

She would sit next to me and her mind just

Felt so heavy, she looked the other way. She

Couldn’t stand it, people looking at her, figuring

It out. She wouldn’t speak. I knew her well. Her body

Enacted her and she left me without ever looking back.

rippl_zorka (1)

“Profile of a Woman (Zorka)” by József Rippl-Rónai (1861-1927)

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