Requisites of Sanity

She buried the interiors of her mind with white sheets,

Not to protect or preserve what has always been in a bad

Condition, no, to remind her that these things won’t hurt her

Anymore, that they are covered up in plain sight, the life sucked out,

Unacknowledged. Sleep starts to frighten her, as they rise, carrying their linen

Like ghosts with open arms searching for the ties that once connected them.


Sickness made you kiss her. Envy made you bite her.

And you tried to pluck and pluck and pluck her out.

Destabilise her in her own unseen universe. Rid her of

Her words, her credibility. It’s all in her head, she cries all the time.

You terror-loving preacher. She took her own body back, released it

From your slander and reinvented herself after she survived you.


“Silvia” by Charles Edward Perugini (1839-1918)

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