The Loneliness of Scheherazade

They all carried her heart on their bragging pikes.

She saw it as a sign that she had done everything wrong.

She looked at it, the deformation, outside of her body, taken

From her, dragged away. She thought, that’s how they exist eternally.

A dry wind took over in her mind and she found no solace. She was sure that

She too would survive if she walked in the other direction of her heart.


Girls didn’t understand why she still painted her face, accentuated her beauty.

She looked at them and realised that they were trapped forevermore.

They didn’t understand why she didn’t disappear entirely, her mind and appearance

Didn’t match. And she observed their imprisoned behaviour, flirtatious, and fell down

Within herself and ingested their weight. Soon she became frightened by her proper

Contemplations and the images that she evoked when she felt so undeniably alone.


Portrait de femme dit de Simonetta Vespucci” by Piero di Cosimo (1462-1522)

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