Les Quatrains Féminins

Did he manage to put an end to you?

Did he manage to halt your investment in your dreams and ideals?

Did his actions turn you away from yourself?

Did his digression make you question and denigrate your own body?


What did his indiscretion and exertion of power do to you?

Do to your thoughts, the way your mind shapes emotions?

What are they telling you now, that he’s finished?

Don’t adapt his blurred language, crossing hands and toxic gestures.


You carry him in your body, he is a haptic memory.

Don’t mutilate yourself, don’t detach yourself, alienate yourself.

Your body has not ended. Your heart is still beating.

Don’t you give yourself the last fatal blow to dethrone your surviving force.


Portrait der Contessa Nerina Pisani Volpi di Misurata” by Vittorio Matteo Corcos (1859-1933)

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