Famulus: A Contemplation

Families are constructed to create safe spheres,

Warmth, togetherness, domesticity, familiarity, comfort.

The foundation of everything, the familial household.

The world starts there. The reflected macrocosm of two people or more.


Brought into the house, into the children’s heads and bodies.

Digested and refurbished or raw and still aching?

Family as a shelter from the outside world?

A new order, new human beings, new beginnings, lessons learned?


What is perpetual?

Can the symbolism and meaning of home and family be corrupted?

Can everything be turned on its head?

What if it’s not a better world within the parental four walls?


What if opposites became opposites?

What if the safe haven becomes the point of flight?

What does father bring home to me?

What does mother bring home to me?


What is this world that I live in,

That has been created for me,

That I was created for,

Is it the microcosm or already the macrocosm?


Should one be sheltered from the other?

Is one a reflection of the other? A betterment?

A much worse distortion and degeneration of the other?

How should I grasp the concepts of good and bad?


Who is allowed to enter our home?

What emotions and thoughts and behaviours are tolerated under this roof?

What is chased out and what remains?

What has been branded into our hearts and minds and grows there to unfold?


Is our home a shrine or a sanctuary or a room within a room or

A continuous war zone? We are all children of war and crumbs of love.

The word “family” stems from the word “famulus” meaning “servant”.

And I want to know to whom? In exchange for what?

adorable adventure autumn colours barefoot
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

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