The Pendulum of the Amazon

I am a girl shaped by tongues in the wrong place.

I am a child moulded by insisting fingers.

I am a girl forced by composure, by artifice, by superficiality, by silence.

I am a child threatened by yawping mouths, unchewed food, vibrating bodies.


I am a woman tormented by absence, by solitude, by womanliness, by pain.

I am a girl haunted by old terrors, vagrant poisons, night-time faces and ruins.

I am a woman dusting herself off, cutting off cords, disentangling herself from untruths.

I am a girl harassed by overarching tears, emotions explosive, a lack of love and care.


I am a woman trying to integrate us all, recuperate what had almost been smothered.

I am a child so fearful, so anxious, so worried and fatalistic, so self-reliant and frail.

I am a woman formed of  opposites, of blasphemy, mistrust, a heavy sadness, ivy.

I am a child accompanied by screams, spit, beatings, threats and tyranny.


I am a woman who escaped determined tirades, destructive male figures, faint kindnesses.

I am a girl rediscovering everything she deemed lost and vanquished.

I am a woman reuniting us all in love, in solidarity, indivisibility, solace and warmth.

I am a girl standing tall, saying no when I please, courageous, loud and imaginative.


“Pallas Athena” attributed to Rembrandt (1606-1669)

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