You took your last step,

Now let me initiate my dance.

It will be one of love, I dare you.

You hissed all the wrong things into my face,

Never lost your smile hoping for a tear and another,

You have exposed yourself entirely to me.

What an enlightenment that moment was for me.

All of a sudden you looked so very small, and I

Retrieved all my senses from you.

Took myself away from you.

You and your small poking words.

Your bestiality and pettiness, you’ll never grow.

Everybody is wrong, you never, no.

You hurt people, your mouth is always wide open and rotten,

Trying to re-ignite old lost flames, they died for a reason.

You’re a killer and a coward.

What is good you transform into something miserable.

Because you always are, the saying is right on point.

Will you ever get out of your devilish shell?

You embody poison, arsenic, expired vinegar, chloroform.

Don’t touch me with those damaging hands,

Those paralysing motions, throttling intentions as dark as the mould

In your basement where you keep all your angels locked up.

I tried to give you love, or what I thought was love,

I guess something, I cannot place it, in my body always knew,

And you massacred it over years until I thought I had nothing

Left, not myself, not my life, not my will and energy.

You made me believe in the worst things,

Guiding me into dark places to stab me there and claim that

It was an unidentifiable shadow.

I know that shadow all too well,

You wear that symbol proudly and boldly.

I released myself from your graveyard

And set your web afire.


“Contemplation: Profile” by Thomas Benjamin Kennington (1856-1916)

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