Your kisses have always been bitter.

When your face lands on hers

It always wants more.

She anticipates to see you,

Bond with you, but you always evade.

Why are you here if you don’t want to be?

Your body says a million things and remains silent.

It will never have the same intensity.

It’s not right.

You have shattered love

As it already matured,

You slaughtered it.

And you start anew and anew, but always evade what you truly seek

And maybe you really need it.

But you never want to be dependent.

On happiness, laughter, sex and fulfilment.

Instead you waste everybody’s time.

You enter bodies and play an act.

You penetrate and split souls into two pieces.

You don’t harmonise.

And you keep dreaming about her.

Your cowardice arresting you,

What you consider masculine,

The wastelands where nothing grows,

We belong together, all of us,

You’ll never understand.

You wander around, across dry cliffs, eyes closed, tasting the cold bodies.

And you remain alone within yourself.

You will never see the ocean from above.

It was there, right in both of your hearts

And you discarded it, you beast,

Shying away from your face embalmed by sunrays.

And you continue to hunt and chase and never surrender,

You undeserving butcher.


“Ashes” by Edvard Munch (1863-1944)


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