Billboard Girl

The billboard girl never ages.

She remains impeccable.

And disappears.

Never to be seen again.

She is swallowed by a green river.


No thoughts surround her circumstance.

Love was traded for a brand.

Substance for merchandise.

Are you really as shallow as they portray you to be?

Billboard girl, I cannot find you, I thought I knew you well.


Is this all it takes?

The money wave coming your way?

The admiration that lasts a second?

They’ll put you in the garbage as soon as they’re done.

That’s not where you belong.

Have you forgotten all about it? You?


Don’t meet those sad ends, billboard girl.

Don’t let them define you like that.

As you are idealised you stand dehumanised.

Cut the strings and be strong enough on your own.

You don’t need to decorate a building to be idolised.


It won’t hold.

They always find something new to play with.

They make you fade.

They’ll tell you that you’re old when you’re young.

Used up when you’re not nearly done.


You have so much more to reveal,

But they’ll never want to know.

A girl on a billboard needs to say a million things

Without releasing a tone.

Your mouth always slightly open, but never to say a word.


They draw on you with their imagination.

And on your billboard you stand reduced.

You look at me from afar and it breaks my heart.

You traded love for a place on the billboard.

And in those eyes I see a sadness grow.

woman in striped photography
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on


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